REALTORS®: Does your listing need repairs or updates to sell?

Now, there’s a better way to get your client’s home sold and for you to collect a 25% referral fee upfront.

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Have a client that needs upgrades but cannot or does not want to pay for it? Send them to us, and we may be able to help.

Schedule Evaluation

We’ll evaluate the home to determine what renovations may be necessary and estimate the increased value of the home after renovations.

Collect Your Fee

Once we sign a deal with the homeowner, we’ll pay you a 25% referral fee, in advance, before we even start working on the home.

Sell the Home

When the home is ready to go back on the market, you’ll earn another referral fee based on the increased sales price.

Join the Renovest REALTOR® Program

We pay an upfront 25% referral fee based on the current value of the home. Earn an additional 25% referral fee after the newly renovated or updated home is sold at a higher price.

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Why partner with Renovest?

We’ll help your clients’ homes sell for more, and you’ll get paid upfront.

Get Paid in Advance

Have a client who needs to make upgrades? We can help them, and we’ll pay you a 25% referral fee upfront.

Higher Commission

Homes we’ve renovated have seen an average increase of 15% in sales price. That’s added commission back in your pocket.

Better Service

By partnering with us, you’ll be able to offer your clients a valuable service that other REALTORS® simply cannot offer.

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