What are the advantages of hiring Renovest instead of doing the renovations ourselves?

Many homeowners attempt to do their own renovations before they sell their home. However, you are much more likely to make more profit and sell your home quicker if you work with Renovest. We know exactly what features make a home sell faster and for more money.  Furthermore, we know which renovations to concentrate on to bring the biggest bang for your buck. Because we do such a high volume, we have close working relationships with multiple subcontractors.  We know exactly who to hire for different jobs, and we get deep discounts on the work.  This ultimately means more profit and less headache for you.  Finally, we know the ins and outs of the permitting process, and we can keep the project moving along smoothly and on schedule.

Who comes up with the renovation plan? Do we have any say in the renovation plan?

Renovest and the homeowner(s) work together to create the renovation plan. As licensed real estate agents and general contractors, Renovest knows the market well. Specifically, we know what changes should be made to a home to make it sell faster and for a higher price. The details will be specific to each project and will be covered in the consultation. They will include things like: color scheme, materials chosen, the importance of layout, and the types of appliances. However, the homeowner(s) always have the final say on the final renovation plan.

Do we have to pay for the renovations Renovest does upfront before the house sells?

No. Renovest covers all the renovation costs, including labor and materials, up front. We recoup these costs when the house sells. Therefore, you are not out any money on the renovation until after the house sells. The profit you make should more than cover this cost and put extra money in your pocket!

Do you charge interest on the renovation until our home sells?

No. We do not add any interest at any time.

How much does the renovation increase the value of our house?

Obviously, this will vary between projects. However, our past renovations have increased the value of the houses by 15-25 percent!

How much faster do homes renovated by Renovest sell?

Again, this number will vary between projects. When we develop the renovation plan, our top priority will be to make it more attractive to the largest number of potential buyers. We also make it “move-in ready.” Both of these factors generally make houses sell much faster! In fact, many homes that have been on the market for months sell within a few days/weeks after we renovate them!

How long does a normal renovation take?

On average, the renovation takes two to three weeks. However, we will give you a more accurate estimate once we see your home and develop a renovation plan with you.

Are you licensed general contractors?

Yes. We’re licensed general contractors in California: CSLB License # 1007125.

Do you pull permits for your renovations?

We always pull permits when legally required to do so! Some parts of a renovation, such as painting and installing new carpet, do not require permits. However, other parts of a renovation, such as installing new cabinets and plumbing fixtures, do require a permit. With Renovest, you can put your mind at ease knowing that things are always done right.

Do you carry insurance?

Yes. For everyone’s protection, we carry $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance, Errors & Omissions Insurance and a State Contractor’s Bond.

Are you licensed real estate agents?

Yes. In fact, we’ve sold over 150 homes in the Sacramento region in the last several years. This gives us a distinct advantage in knowing exactly which renovations will best help you sell your home for top dollar! We’ve been licensed in California since 2005 (CA BRE #01472128).

Can we hire you just to do a remodel and not sell our home?

Yes. We are available to do remodels, additions and custom homes.

Does Renovest invest their own capital to do the renovations?

You bet we do!  We put our money where our mouth is.  We’re so confident that our renovation will not only add increased value, but will also get your home sold quickly.

Why wouldn’t we just hire our own general contractor to renovate our home?

You could absolutely hire your own general contractor, but are they going to cover the costs of the renovation until your home sells?  That’s right, we don’t get paid until your home sells.  We’re also licensed real estate brokers and have a pulse on current market conditions. We have the knowledge to implement the most cost efficient improvements in an effort to sell your home quickly and for the most money.

Will Renovest try to over improve our home to make your company more money?

No.  We want to make the most cost efficient improvements and NOT over improve your home.  In other words, we’re looking for the biggest bang for the buck!  Sometimes that can be as simple as repainting the interior of the home and installing new carpet.  Other times, it may mean new kitchen cabinets, granite countertops and hardwood floors.  Again, keep in mind, our goal is to put more money in your pocket when the home sells.  We hope by doing so, we’ll make a happy client out of you, who tells their friends and family members about our services!

Is Renovest competitive in pricing for their renovations?

You Bet!  We often have several renovations going at any given time, thus getting deep discounts from our licensed subcontractors and material suppliers.  We’re able to pass those savings on to you and carry all the renovation costs until your home sells.

Does it cost anything to have Renovest come out for a consultation / inspection of our home?

Absolutely Not!  Our consultation is always 100% free.  If nothing else, you’ll get an idea of what your home is worth in its present condition and what renovations you could make to capitalize on your home’s potential value.  What do you have to lose?

How do you determine the amount of potential profit we can make for the sale of our newly renovated home?

A Renovest representative will make a thorough inspection of your home in its present condition.  We then take that information back to the office to generate an accurate “as is” sales prices based on the home’s present condition and full market analysis of pending, for-sale and sold homes in the past 180 days.  We’ll suggest a tailored renovation plan and discuss the associated costs of such a project with you.  We’ll then determine an After Renovation Value (ARV) sales price for your home.  The difference between the ARV minus the current value (based on home’s present condition) and minus the renovations costs is the EXTRA PROFIT you get to keep!

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes!  We guarantee our work for up to one year along with the manufacturer’s warranty.